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New Classes for July

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

I’m very excited to be teaching in Murrells Inlet again in July, at Accent Sewing.¬† ¬†I am unveiling 2 new classes, Tiger Lilies, and Needle Felted Clutch.¬† Here are some photos of each.¬†

This is a close up of the 3 dimensional needle felted Tiger Lilies.  Using a combination of fabrics to create the flowers and leaves.  Additional embellishments are used for the flower centers.

TigerLily 004

Here are 2 of the needle felted clutch bags.  Several color choices will be offered in class.  This bag is needle felted using silks, velvets, satins and more.  It has a magnetic snap closure and beaded embellishments to add that extra sparkle. 

Felted Handbags 004

I am also teaching the very popular Cat Dancer doll.  This is a wonderfully creative doll using several techniques, including face painting, beading, creating the mane, and many more techniques discussed in class.   Although previous doll making experience would be helpful, even beginners can create this fabulous doll.  Original pattern by Magic Threads.

doll photos 016

July Classes

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

It’s May and I’ve been so busy designing new projects and samples.¬† I am teaching at Accent Sewing in Murrells Inlet SC¬† in July. ¬†

I’ll be teaching workshops for two new great projects.¬†¬† Tiger Lilies is another in my floral series in machine needle felting flowers.¬†¬† The lilies may be done in the orange/red color as shown, or¬†I will have other color fabrics in class for peach, yellow, or white lilies.¬†

Tiger Lily

This beautiful clutch style handbag is done in aqua/teal tones with beaded accents.    Additional colors will also be available in class.  It is silk lined with a pocket and a magnetic snap closure. 

Clutch Handbag

¬†Here’s a photo of another clutch, made with¬†greens.¬† This one has different embellishments, ¬†using felted flowers, yarns, and ribbons. No beads on this one.¬† Green Clutch

For the doll makers, Cat Dancer is back.  This is a wonderful cat doll, almost human.  He has loads of personality.  This 2 day class includes face painting and several embellishing techniques.   Please check with Accent Sewing for more class info, including dates and costs.

Cat Dancer

Cat Dancer is not difficult to make, if you have any sewing experience, you can make this doll. 

I have been working on several more new techniques and samples of machine needle felting.¬† You know¬†needle felting ¬†is my favorite pastime!¬† Wait till you see what’s coming next……… I’m so excited!

Christmas Giving

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

This past Saturday my little sewing group met for our annual Christmas bag filling.¬† We had a great time and filled 103 bags of toiletries and other items, to be distributed to people in need.¬† We are just a small group of about 6 people at any one time.¬† We have been meeting for over 9 years, 3 times a month, and have made almost 1000 bags full of all kinds of goodies.¬† We have also managed to make hundreds of other items like quilts, stuffed bears, dolls, Alzheimer’s aprons, neck coolers for¬†our Military, and hundreds of toboggans. (to you northerners, that’s a snow hat)¬† Yes, being¬†originally from the north, at first I thought it was a snow sled.¬† What was I thinking?¬†

We always have a wonderful time sharing stories, food, and becoming life long friends. 

I’m so proud of our little group and what we have accomplished.¬† If you are thinking of starting a group in your area, please contact me.¬† I have loads of information I can pass along.¬†¬†I may have extra¬†start up fabrics available from time to time and more¬†information about the items we have made.