Christmas Giving

This past Saturday my little sewing group met for our annual Christmas bag filling.¬† We had a great time and filled 103 bags of toiletries and other items, to be distributed to people in need.¬† We are just a small group of about 6 people at any one time.¬† We have been meeting for over 9 years, 3 times a month, and have made almost 1000 bags full of all kinds of goodies.¬† We have also managed to make hundreds of other items like quilts, stuffed bears, dolls, Alzheimer’s aprons, neck coolers for¬†our Military, and hundreds of toboggans. (to you northerners, that’s a snow hat)¬† Yes, being¬†originally from the north, at first I thought it was a snow sled.¬† What was I thinking?¬†

We always have a wonderful time sharing stories, food, and becoming life long friends. 

I’m so proud of our little group and what we have accomplished.¬† If you are thinking of starting a group in your area, please contact me.¬† I have loads of information I can pass along.¬†¬†I may have extra¬†start up fabrics available from time to time and more¬†information about the items we have made.

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