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October workshops at Accent Sewing

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

WOW, It has been almost a year since my last post.  It is hard to tear myself away from my felting fun to take time to write!

In October I taught  2  new needle felting classes at Accent Sewing in SC.

 The first day I taught a beautiful needle felted beachscape  to a wonderful group of ladies.   I think they all had a great time looking through  the piles  fibers I brought to work with.   I brought along  Merino wool, merino curls and locks, Angelina fiber, silk carrier rods, firestar for shine, yak fiber, llama wool, yarns, romney fibers, shells and more. 

After showing how I use the fibers and my techniques, the group came up to choose their own fibers to work with.  I enjoy  having each person create the image that they envision.   Once completing the base project, some added their own special touches, of palm trees, sail boats, bushes and more beach scenery.

As I told the class, I love needle felting so much, that some of the time (most all of the time)¬† I get carried away.¬†¬†When I am teaching, I ¬†not only show how to make the current project, but I go way beyond and have to tell every little secret and wonderful new item I have found that felts.¬†¬† We have a great time.¬† The first photo is the class sample, followed by some of the ladies in class.¬† This class I enjoyed working with Karen, Carol, Lillie, Ray, Jacque and Diane.¬†¬† Great work! ¬†Some little extras added in here and there.¬† absolutely beautiful.¬† Not to mention, one person totally new to using an Embellisher.¬† Once you get the knack of keeping that foot down and moving your work a¬†moderately slow ¬†pace, it’s¬†easy.¬† ¬†Please send me a photo of your finished projects once you have them completed.¬†¬†¬†

My second workshop was Double Clutching.  Making 2 different clutch handbags.  These bags were made with a wool base and merino wool.   The top layers consisted either of Sari Silk ribbons, or Sari Silk threads.  For the closures I brought crocheted rounds for buttons, felt balls and shell buttons. 

Another fabulous group of needle felters working with all the ribbons and fibers.¬† I enjoyed working with Helen, Angelique, Joyce, Pam, Jacque and Diane.¬† Each person had a different direction in designing their bag.¬† Once again,¬†2 ladies¬†totally new to felting.¬† Great job!¬† Remember you can reach me at if you have any questions.¬†¬† I’m here to help.

I always enjoy the wonderful ladies attending my workshops at Accent Sewing.  Some have taken almost every class I have had there in the past several  years and some totally new to using a Babylock Embellisher.  It is such a thrill to  bring new felters  into the wonderful world of Machine Needle Felting.   I am so pleased to have such a fabulous group of felting buddies, and the group continues to grow.   Thanks to all.

I’ll be back early next year with more projects and¬† more ideas to share.

¬†This time I¬†will be¬†bringing¬† a wonderful new felted cloche style hat class.¬† Hats are a must for those cold, breezy¬†winter months.¬† I’ll have heavy and lighter weight hats for the warmer temps.¬† ¬†I’ll be sure to have several different styles on display.¬†

Until next time……………….Be Happy.